ALL IN THE DETAILS: Hats Off To Rad Plaid

Here on the East Coast we are tipping our hats to mother nature for finally giving us our winter! Classes are back in full force and so is this chilly winter season, leaving the rest of us to face the challenge of picking between two looks: warmth and comfort or trendy and chilly. Fellow Fashionista/os, I have some great news: you don’t have to choose! There is a plethora of garments you can find that are warm, comfortable and trendy. Have no fear!

This Fashionista totally rocked this look. She has come fully prepared to face the wind and 20-degree weather while still looking trendy. Dressed in her totally rad plaid flannel poncho layered over her cream tunic for added warmth, this Fashionista is ready to brave the intense winds of this mountain-surrounded college town. Thankfully, the sun is still out and shining (and also providing a tad bit of warmth) in Boone, North Carolina, making it essential for her to accessorize with her oversized sunglasses! Speaking of accessories, this Fashionista didn’t think twice about her accessories. She piled them on and it looks RAD. With her layered necklaces, collection of rings and chic felt hat, this Fashionista is killing the accessory game.

How To: Ever been too afraid to rock a felt hat? Lucky for you, they are practically everywhere now! Step out of your comfort zone and buy one. Throw it on with a stylish outfit like this Fashionista did, or keep it simple! I personally like to wear my felt hat with an all black outfit. You can never go wrong with all-black.