ALL IN THE DETAILS: Gym Shoes Are Not For The Gym

We’ve all fallen victim to high heels getting the better of us at least once or twice. For decades and even centuries, fashion magazines and celebrities have made us believe that in order to be “trendy” or “chic” we must sacrifice all basic comfort for our feet and succumb to the impractical torture devices that are known as stilettos, wedges and pumps. That is, until now.

As our society gets more and more fast paced, even models and celebrities require everyday comfort that heels cannot provide. Sneakers are taking the place of heels in the hearts of street style photographers, bloggers and celebrities’ everyday wear.

The rapidly growing trend started with wedge sneakers and gym wear becoming a trend in itself. Luckily, we now have a wide variety of sneakers and styles to bring to our every day life. You’ll find sneakers to be suitable and stylish for most occasions, from brunch to class. They’re not just for the gym anymore.

Classic ’90s styles that our big sisters and babysitters wore every day like adidas and PUMAs have been completely revived to a whole new look that resembles nothing of the belly shirt and track pant outfits we wore with them in the ’90s.

New styles from companies like New Balance and Superga have redefined the sneaker adding electric colors and sleek details that can be the dramatic centerpiece for an outfit or quietly add an understated element of chicness and effortlessness to any outfit.

Sneakers bridge the gap between regular style seekers like us and celebrities. When it comes to high heels, boots or other shoe styles, celebrities are almost always faithful to high end designers like Manolo and Louboutin. While many high end designers are in fact making sneakers for their favorite style stars, the most popular sneakers among celebrities are from accessible, easy brands like adidas, Nike and New Balance.

Why not match your shoes with Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Rihanna? After all, you deserve the very best. And your swollen heel-clad feet will thank you.

How To: Worried about looking too unpolished or effortless? Throw on all-white sneakers with a sleek blazer or go with skinny jeans, a leather jacket and colorful gym shoes. No one would doubt your chicness for a second.