There is nothing (in my opinion) that is classier than gold accessories with any outfit, whether it be casual or chic. Gold can be cute and fun while it can also be elegant and serious. Don’t get me wrong, I love silver; however, gold is my go-to color for all things accessories.

This Fashionista absolutely killed the gold accessory look with her dapper Michael Kors watch paired with a pair of statement earrings and simple gold bar necklace perfect for a summer afternoon. The accessories she is wearing are bold, yet they mesh together to create a uniform look.

Her loose fitting and casual outfit says “playful and fun.” Her outfit almost looks like a romper that would be perfect for any outdoor occasion. The dark blue and light pink colors found in her shirt and shorts create a wonderful two-tone effect against her tan skin. As for her jewelry, the two main colors in her outfit do not overshadow the accessories, which is key. If she were to have been wearing silver, her accessories would not have been near as noticeable and would have been taking away from each piece.

This exact outfit would be perfect for the fall if the shorts were to be replaced with dark skinny jeans and she chose to pair the outfit with nude pumps. Another quick variation would be to keep the skinny jeans but instead pair with a cardigan and two toned riding boots. It’s as simple as that!

How To: Deciding between silver or gold jewelry this summer? Here is my rule of thumb. Typically, I think that in the summer gold should go with lighter outfits, giving off a goddess-like effect.