Often times when we are rushing to class or going out for a quick run we put on sweats or anything we find in our closets. We’ll grab a pair of gray sweatpants and the most simple top. As college students we’re always on the go. This made me think about what we could do to make sure that our outfits still feature something special about our style. A Fashionista I came across recently was wearing a laid back outfit with an amazing gold necklace.

Gold chain necklaces can change a laid back outfit to a much more unique fit. Featured accessories can allow our outfits to have a touch of our own personality. Whether it’s a headband, necklace or bracelet, it adds something new to our outfit.

When it comes to including an accessory to a more laid back outfit, I suggest a necklace because it’s the easiest to throw on if you’re in a rush. Not only that, it’s something that can still pop if you’re wearing darker hues. Some great accessories can be found at Forever 21. I’ve come across an owl necklace, a rhinestone choker and a pendant necklace which can make your outfit pop! In addition to the accessory, our sneaker colors can add the unique look to our outfit. New Balance has a nice assortment of feminine colors. Check out this sporty meets chic navy blue pair: Retro New Balance.

The details of our outfits truly make a dramatic difference. There are times we feature our favorite and most personal accessories without even thinking about it. Moments like that show how much we much we incorporate our personality and style into our everyday lives!

How To: With just a few simple steps you can pull off this look too. Find a thin statement jacket that makes you feel confident. It has to be one that you can wear over your basics underneath. Afterwards, look through your accessories and find one that shows off who you are. It could be a gold necklace like this Fashionista is wearing or a vintage pendant necklace that you received for your birthday. Pair your outfit with your most comfortable and chic sneakers and you are good to go. The key is for your accessories to pop so that you can step out the door feeling good!