One of my favorite trends is having statement pieces in your wardrobe. In particular, I really love the statement necklace trend. What is even better about this trend, is emerging metallic pieces.

This Fashionista displays a metallic silver statement necklace. Her necklace stands out because she kept her top and skirt fairly simple, giving special attention to her bold necklace. It especially draws the eye when the sun can reflect off of it!

Another great trend this Fashionista wears, is mixing metallics. Mixing metallics is starting to emerge, and is so unique. I love how she has a great shoulder bag with a gold clasp and gold chain shoulder strap. Her bag is not too overwhelming so it doesn’t draw attention away from her statement piece. She also mixes metallics by donning a silver plated ring.

I also love is her strappy flats. Her and her friends were on their way to lunch in central campus, so flats are always a great accessory for walking. The black color of her flats also tie in with her black shoulder bag and black skirt. While her denim top adds some dimension with its different color and texture.

Last but not least,her greatest accessory has to be her smile! Don’t forget Fashionistas/os, dawning your smile is your best feature!

How to: First, I would build your outfit around your statement necklace. That way you can easily match colors to this key piece. Since you want your necklace to be the focus of attention, make sure to keep other outfit pieces and accessories simple.