Don’t you hate when you’re getting ready and you can’t find the missing piece that will completely transform your outfit? That’s where statement pieces come into play and this season, especially with it being so cold out, the fur vest is all the rage. The fur vest is the perfect piece because you can wear it for any event and it will even keep you warm through these brutal winter months!

Fur doesn’t just have to be worn when you’re attending a fancy event. If you do it right, you can pretty much wear it for any occasion! I like to wear my fur vest all the time. Whether it’s paired with boyfriend jeans and a T-shirt to run errands or dressed up with a skirt and heels for a night out, fur is always a yes. As for this Fashionista, she created the perfect look for a night out!

This Fashionista paired her hooded fur vest with her favorite crop top and a belted mini skirt. To complete her look, she added nude lace-up heels and a simple arm cuff. When dealing with fur, sticking to neutral colors is the best way to go. It gives your outfit a subtle and classy look. I also try to stay away from too many detail pieces in an outfit like this because the fur vest is the major ‘wow’ factor!

How To: This look is super cute and so easy to put together. Just grab your favorite skirt, or jeans if you prefer, and pair it with a solid shirt and top it off with a trendy fur vest. In order to make your statement piece really stand out, complete your outfit with one or two simple jewelry pieces. If you want to go for a more casual look, pair the fur vest with distressed denim and a pair of ankle booties.