February 15th, 2016 at 2:00am

In fashion, everything eventually comes back around; trends resurface and things come “back in style.” This is because some trends are so iconic, that they shouldn’t simply die. What’s especially cool about resurrecting old trends (besides the fact that you can whip out that old denim skirt from 7th grade and rock it again) is that the Fashionista can still be a unique artist by putting a modern twist on it, almost making it something completely new.

I was inspired by my friend’s modern and classy take on the infamous fringe from the ’70s. While she did keep the traditional suede fabric element, she did a really great job of turning such a specific style into something totally new. Instead of rocking the fringe in the traditional boho and casual way that we’ve been seeing this season, she put her own modern twist on it by incorporating the detail in a feminine high-wasted skirt. To pull even further away from the “typical” fringe look, she made it chic and dressy by adding a mature red chiffon blouse, sheer black tights and a statement piece bracelet. To complete the look, she stayed consistent with the suede fabric and chose a pair of suede TOMS booties.

Bonus Tip: If you are living in a cold area and experiencing a “true winter” right now, the bootie style for the shoe instead of a heel is a super smart and practical move while still keeping the look dressy!

How To: If you’ve been contemplating on whether you can rock the fringe lately, stop thinking, rip off the Band-Aid and do it! Fringe is such a fun way to really make an outfit stand out. If you are not comfortable with a main article of clothing being fringed, try a cute accessory instead, like a handbag! As long as the fringed item is the focus of your look, you’re sure to look totally RAD, and you will be remembered for as long as this iconic style has been! Now go and find the grooviest fringe piece out there and introduce the ’70s to 2016!