ALL IN THE DETAILS: Fringe Benefits

Growing up, I always associated fringe with the Wild West, and I avoided it at all costs for fear of looking like I jumped out of an old Western. And then suddenly, without warning, fringe became the look. At first I was wary, but I began to slowly try on a few pieces. A dress, shoes or a jacket—fringe was everywhere and I found myself wishing that I could pull off this daring trend so effortlessly.

Today, I found a Fashionista who could. Her fringe jacket, mustard yellow dress and tall lace-up boots screamed ’70s; I was jealous of this effortless beauty that screamed, “Oh! I just threw this together.” The ’70s retro look is very “in” right now and the bohemian vibe that this Fashionsta gave off really made me notice the elements in her clothing.

The fringe jacket truly tied the look together. As the Starks would say, “Winter is Coming” and with that fashion can get a little lost in the shuffle because clunky winter coats can hide you instead of emphasizing what you’re wearing. By pairing her dress with a warm, fringe suede jacket she was able to add to her look instead of hiding under a parka on this cold day.

Buying outwear that is fashionable and warm is definitely possible and I’ll be on the hunt for a new fringe jacket to bring back to school for the cold winter months to come.

How To: So you want to rock the fringe trend without looking like you’re about to face off in a duel with Dirty Harry? Add a fringe jacket, purse or shoes to a delicate dress in order to have a light touch instead of being overwhelmed by it.