All IN THE DETAILS: Flawless Floppy Hat

In typical Missouri fashion, the current season and actual temperature outside are not in sync whatsoever. Indeed, winter is in full swing here in Missouri, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a 50 degree sunny day in the weekly forecast. These sunny winter days are the perfect opportunity to bring out those floppy hats you have packed away in the back of your closet. Not only is pairing your outfit with a floppy hat a cute addition, it is a great option for keeping your head and ears warm while heading to class or just walking around town!

This Fashionista created a great outfit that could transition from season to season. Typically during the winter months, a lot of your clothing tends to be black and gray, but this Fashionista has paired pastels and neutrals together all while still dressing appropriately for the winter temperature. Her floral tunic paired with an oversized gray sweater is a prime example of how to transition spring clothing into the fall and winter seasons. Her camel colored hat is the flawless addition that brings her overall look together. If you are looking for a more winter look or just a darker floppy hat, here is a great option for a maroon hat. Floppy hats are becoming a huge trend this winter. A felt hat, like this Fashionista’s, can be worn throughout any season. Choosing a hat that is made from a thicker fabric makes the hat more appropriate for any season compared to a straw hat typically worn in the summer.

How To: Just got a light colored felt hat but aren’t sure if it is too light to wear during the winter months? Pair it with anything from a winter dress to a loose fitting shirt and leggings, and you now have a fashion forward winter look. Adding a light natural hat with an all black outfit is a prime example of how to add some color to your winter attire.