ALL IN THE DETAILS: Flannel Challenge Accepted

Flannels have made a huge appearance on campuses nationwide. There’s only one thing left for designers to do when trendy shirts like these become super popular. T-shirts are so comfortable, but the fashion officially changed when T-shirt dresses were created. It was easier to roll out of bed and still look like you took all morning deciding what to wear. Smack on a belt; add a cute pair of espadrilles, and walk out the door. Obviously, I miss the warm weather, but the winter breeze has introduced a new campus trend that I’m willing to rock until the earth decides to heat up again.

Fashionistas here at UNCG know how to mix things up. I found this one sporting the longer version of her boyfriend’s flannel. Hers is so different from others I’ve seen. For one, this one has pockets and that in itself is a reason to own it. Dresses with pockets were meant to be in every girl’s closet because they’re so easy to wear. In addition, the plaid pattern can be very versatile. To make sure nothing stole the dress’ shine, this Fashionista wore a black infinity scarf to keep warm and leggings to tuck into her booties. The gold zipper was perfect for adding a little edge to the ensemble. Her simple gold hoops channeled the ‘90s into this outfit as well.

Who knew flannels could become so chic? This is the start of a new boyfriend style revolution. Instead of hijacking their hoodies and flannels, you’ll have something even better. Trust me. Your boyfriends will thank me for giving you ladies an alternative for their button-downs.

How To: The weather is still cold enough to freeze your butt off. In addition to wearing your flannel dress, add a pair of opaque tights and/or knee-high socks. If you want to maintain the grunge feel in the outfit without studded boots, try wearing a cool two-toned fedora. Boots with hardware still make for a rad outfit!