This is the time of the year when South Carolina always has freezing weather sweep in. Just in the past two weeks we’ve had three days of snow. Sure, to someone from the North that may seem minuscule, but for us Southerners snow isn’t something we are exactly familiar with. It can be hard to figure out what to wear when snow hits, especially when your closet isn’t exactly winter weather friendly. Luckily, there are many different ways to stay warm this winter without looking like you simply put on every piece of clothing you own.

This week’s Fashionista shows us just how easy it can be to put together an outfit that is not only warm, but fashionable as well. Her gorgeous tan sweater is already warm on its own, but with the added fur on the lapels, it’s definitely a winter weather staple. This Fashionista even works in a pop of color with a chic, ruffled red top underneath. With a thick, black pair of leggings and durable riding boots, this Fashionista is ready for a day full of freezing winds. Plus, how cute is the monogram on the cuffs of her boots? The added monogram adds the perfect touch of personalization. She keeps her accessories simple with stacked gold bracelets and gold, dangly earrings.

A classic, furry sweater is definitely a staple piece when it comes to these colder months. I love how sophisticated they look and love the way that they can transform an outfit! Not only that, but furry sweaters can be super versatile as well.

How To: Want to rock a fur-embellished sweater but don’t want to look too dressed up? Try pairing it with a pair of dark denim and chic flats. Now you have an outfit that is fashionable, while still being casual enough for an everyday look!