ALL IN THE DETAILS: Fabric Is Fabulous

It’s finally feeling like winter here in New Jersey, but don’t let a little cold stop you from looking hot! As the snow accumulates on the ground, let the layers accumulate in your looks. There is no better way to combat the cold then with another layer, or six. And no, I don’t mean wearing three hoodies and two pairs of sweatpants every time you step outside. As tempting as that may sound, layering does not have to lead to a lazy look. One way to keep things interesting is to layer different fabrics, like this Fashionista did! There are so many different types of fabrics available, why limit an outfit to just one or two? Mixing and matching contrasting fabrics is an easy way to turn any outfit into a #RAD one.

To start, use a simple item as the base layer. This Fashionista uses a black ribbed, mock turtleneck sweater. A staple item like this can be the base for endless unique outfits. Next up, incorporate a faux fur vest into your look. An item like this can make a statement all on its own, the simple black sweater underneath allows the vest to be the focus of the outfit. The neutral colors of the sweater and the vest serve as an elegant background for a statement necklace.

Denim pants are serving as the foundation for this look for denim can complement so many looks. This Fashionista uses dark washed jeans to dress up the outfit. Black shoes complete the line. By wearing dark-washed jeans and dark shoes, this Fashionista makes herself appear longer.

To top it all off, why not wear a felt hat? This adds yet another fabric into the outfit. Incorporate felt, denim and fur into his outfit to have a perfect mix of fabrics.

How to: Don’t be scared to mix it up! Denim is always a good base, start off simple and add layers to make the outfit more interesting. Wear a variety of fabrics to make your way to a fabulous look.