ALL IN THE DETAILS: Effortless Cascade

One of the best parts about the high-low trend is that it’s incredibly versatile. High-low gowns have made some stunning appearances on the red carpet, and casual skirts and dresses of the same design can be worn everywhere from school to the office. Take, for example, this Fashionista. The waterfall of rain around her can’t match the cascading glory of the layers she’s wearing.

What makes this look so amazing is the layers. The high-low skirt would have been cute on its own, but the long cardigan adds an extra layer of texture and color. The thickness of the cardigan when compared to the lightweight sheer fabric of the skirt is specifically enthralling. This pairing of two fabulous separates to create one seamless and even more fabulous look is what separates an outfit from a style. The careful match of colors and lengths in this look are what make it so stylish.

This rainy, gray look could easily have stayed in the dark without the help of this kate spade new york bag. Don’t get me wrong; the dark neutrals look good together and are definitely appropriate for this time of year. The pop of unexpected color that this bag provides simply elevates the look as a whole. I might not have noticed this Fashionista if it weren’t for this flash of pink in an otherwise dull environment. If the color hadn’t initially caught my eye, I would never have taken a closer look at her outfit and seen how stylish it is. If you’re looking to stand out in this gloomy weather, add some color and see who notices you.

How To: Identify two favorite pieces from your closet, perhaps a maxi cardigan and a flowy dress, and layer one on top of the other. Remember to contrast the shade of color as well as the texture.