ALL IN THE DETAILS: Don't "Cheet" Yourself

Cheetahs are the fastest mammals on land. They also provide the best animal print. To me, cheetah is the perfect print that always pops. From boots and jackets to jewelry, it adds the right amount of flare and color, especially as winter continues full-fledged in Utah. With snow adding a sense of bleakness to the world, outfits can sometimes use a little extra something. Head-to-toe black ensembles may be chic, but even they need a boost at times. What better way than to pair it with the apex animal print of the fashion world?

This Fashionista’s cheetah print flats are the first thing I noticed. Paired with the custom dark colors associated with winter, these flats are an immediate eye-catcher. Although the shoes stole the show, the rest of the outfit doesn’t suffer! This Fashionista’s necklace adds a special element of sparkle to the ensemble, which, if anything, makes the shoes stand out even more. Added together with a striped skirt and sweater, I can see a similar outfit becoming a staple in my wardrobe!

How To: A plain sweater is a great starting piece for any outfit. It may not be exciting, but it offers itself as a great canvas. If following this Fashionista’s lead and throwing on a skirt, stripes or a bold print can add a bit of personality to any ensemble. Add your shoe of choice: flats, boots or sandals. Throw on your favorite piece of jewelry, and your outfit is ready for practically every occasion.