ALL IN THE DETAILS: Doesn't Fall Flat

A unique pair of flats is pivotal to any Fashionista’s wardrobe. These simple pairs of shoes can make or break an outfit. By throwing on a pair of flats, the whole aesthetic of the outfit is changed. They can come in many different colors, shapes, patterns or textures, but each can be used to complete outfits. Flats are a good idea when a Fashionista wants to wear shoes that are more comfortable and casual than heels but are more polished than sneakers.

This Fashionista chose to wear her leopard print flats to add a little more color and pattern to this outfit. Leopard can be worn as a neutral and, thus, can be paired with many different patterns and colors. The shade of her sweater plays off of the colors of the flats very nicely. They accent each other and make the outfit flow. She chose to pair her mustard yellow sweater with black to pull the colors of the leopard print shoes into the outfit. The black jeans she chose to wear help complete the look. She will be comfortable in class while still looking chic and polished.

This Fashionista decided to accessorize with black to further tie in the colors of her shoes. Her black bubble necklace adds the perfect amount of black to her top. She matches it perfectly with her black bow bracelet and bangles. She tied in this outfit nicely with her black purse. The bows from her bracelet and purse add cute touches.

Every Fashionista should consider investing in a pair of nice flats. They complete the outfit and can be worn to many different occasions. They are essential to a Fashionista’s wardrobe!

How To: Looking to try out flats? Get a pair with a cute pattern or design with colors you can match with anything. They can switch up an outfit and cause the outfit to go from drab to exciting with a simple shoe change. Experiment with different colors and styles to find your favorite!