ALL IN THE DETAILS: Disparate Darling

Never underestimate the power of accessories. Adding those few final elements can take your look from seen-it-before to one-of-a-kind, and this Fashionista does just that. But not only does she utilize the many advantages of accessories—she goes even further by combining style elements from several different subcultures and time periods to create a total look completely unique to her own distinctive style.

The vintage floral print primary colored V-neck fitted maxi dress provides a versatile canvas for this look – one that could be taken in many different directions. What I love about this Fashionista’s choices is the unusual one she decided to take hers in. She pairs the dress with a black vegan leather jacket by OBEY, black leather oxfords, a ’90s PVC mini red lip shaped backpack, a black wool beret and ’50s-inspired black cat eye sunglasses.

This Fashionista’s eclectic look combines style elements from retro, beatnik, punk, prep and grunge cultures. This combination may sound overwhelming, but the results are flawlessly executed. The leather jacket adds a contrasting edge that is unexpectedly complementary to the casual femininity of the floral dress. The continuity of her all-black accessories bring a pointed distinction and allows the colorful floral print to pop. Fun, stylized elements like the white socks peeking out from the oxfords, the lip shaped backpack and the cat eye sunglasses bring a playful youthfulness to the look. The black beret is a welcomed departure from the popular floppy and wide-brimmed wool and felt hats of recent seasons. A classic red lip punctuates the look, adding a polished effect.

How To: Don’t be afraid to experiment! Choose your base look, then spend some time playing around with the added elements. Try combining different accessories you wouldn’t normally think to pair—you might find yourself surprised by the results!