ALL IN THE DETAILS: Cuffs & Confidence

Hi fashion friends! I’m excited to share with you the style phenomenon that is my friend and Fashionista. She is cool. She manages to set the style bar high by pairing together regular everyday pieces to create the exact opposite. She layered a flannel with a classic sweatshirt and takes a regular “school day outfit” to a “hipster ensemble”. By cuffing the flannel over the sweatshirt, we get the pattern and material contrast that make our eyes happy.

The PF flyers shoes are so quirky-a cool quirky, not a “eats glue” quirky. Paired with a funky pair of socks, they take her originality and hipster vibe to the next level. The funky socks peeking over the top add the perfect extra pop of color.

Let’s move on to her hair. It’s on trend and unique at the same time. I think what makes or breaks an outfit is how you wear it. This Fashionista carries herself with an elegant confidence. She could wear a garbage bag, and I don’t think I’d question it. The half-up bun has been on trend all year and when worn with her confidence, it is the perfect completion to any outfit.

To finish off the look this Fashionista’s accessories are fabulous and definitely not what you’d call run of the mill. Around her neck is a film camera. I love how she connects and incorporates her hobbies into her style. Her glasses are Ray-Ban Clubmasters and are the cherry on top of this put together hipster outfit. When you want to take your outfits to the next level, it really is all in the details.

How To: If want to look more put together without looking too “planned,” try layering your sweaters and sweatshirts with a flannel then cuffing the sleeves.