ALL IN THE DETAILS: Criss Cross My Heart

With a new semester in full swing, I understand that pulling together cute outfits is a luxury that your typical ambitious women does not have the time for. Luckily, your favorite designers and trends have come to save you from a fashion nightmare or last minute faux pas.

A recent trend in accessorizing has been to buy pieces with accessories already built in to them. It’s fresh and trendy as well as fun and easy. Buying pieces with bold prints, patterns and textures means that you no longer need to worry about wearing those heavy staple necklaces to make an outfit stand out. Looking for extra details within the clothes you buy, leaves you with an effortless style and extra time to make some Instagram worthy pancakes in the morning.

This Fashionista has on a boho style dress with a paisley print from Free People. Although the style of the dress itself is gorgeous, what really makes this piece is all of the minor details. This dress would be nothing without its cool toned print and lace-up neckline; this is what makes the dress stand out. The reason why people are so attracted to the Boho look is because of the effortless and minimal vibe the style gives off. These details provide just that without making you feel overwhelmed. This Fashionista chose to only add a small heart shaped necklace that sits at her collar. This accessory adds enough elegance without competing with the dress. She pairs the dress with silver metallic booties from Steve Madden. This Fashionista is ready for the day, looking feminine and care free. Of course, that’s just what she wants you think as she runs to her next class and crams for that chemistry test.

How To: Stop blowing your latest paycheck on gaudy jewelry and focus on buying jewelry that is small and easy to pair. Instead, shop for standout patterns that don’t need a lot of accessorizing. Let the clothes do all the work for you!