ALL IN THE DETAILS: Complementary, Not Clashing

When every walk across campus is something akin to battling through a blizzard, it can be easy to fall into a slump of throwing on jeans, boots, a shapeless sweater and hat and just call it a day. Every day. While yes, I have been there and done that, but I am challenging myself to do better this winter and hide the UGGs, accessorize the chunky sweater and attempt to coordinate my hat and scarf. I’m cringing as I write this, but I truly believe near-zero temperatures are not an excuse for bad style. This Fashionisto clearly takes this advice to heart with this perfectly complementary color scheme and surprise embellishment.

What first drew me to this Fashionisto’s ensemble were the contrasting colors in his coat and sweater. I am a firm believer in throwing together an outfit with as many colors as possible, without looking crazy. His look is clearly well within the bounds of acceptable color clashing and takes what would be a typical effort at staying warm to new levels. The striped sweater itself is super on-trend with this season’s widespread use of granny-style pieces and ‘70s and ‘80s throwbacks. Paired with this red, black and yellow plaid coat, the top-half of this look seamlessly accomplishes the clashing but complementary trend. Not only will the coat keep this Fashionisto warm through his long treks to campus, but will stand out from a crowd of drab down coats and parkas.

The shining jewel, no pun intended, of this look is the subtle but necessary addition of a gold necklace. Long, simple, chain necklaces are very on-trend right now, not only because they give any look a little oomph, but are versatile enough that you only need one or two in your wardrobe. When this Fashionisto gets to class and takes off his coat, not only will his striped sweater be on display, but also a little glimmer of bling that is sure to catch a few eyes.

How To: Take your sweater and coat combination to the next level with an eye-catching pattern on each that doesn’t clash, but complements. Pair with a pair of casual pants and shoes to avoid distracting from the main event happening upstairs. Add a finishing touch with a simple chain necklace and make your way across campus in style.