ALL IN THE DETAILS: Comfy Cardigans

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Comfy Cardigans

Let’s be real, sometimes it’s hard looking chic while you’re in college. Not only do we not have dress codes anymore, like we did in high school, but there are times when you have to get dressed for an exam and who wants to take their time getting ready and look chic, only to sit in an uncomfortable auditorium chair for three hours? However, do not stress my Fashionista/os! One piece everyone has been rocking this winter, and will probably continue rocking into spring, is a cardigan.

This Fashionista is wearing a fun, printed cardigan that is equally stylish as it is comfortable. With the weather acting crazy here in Houston, cardigans are perfect because they are not as thick as most sweaters when you’re outside in the heat but when indoors in a cold lecture hall, they can still keep you warm.

For those who are anti-cardigan (is that even possible?), you should come to realize that cardigans are very versatile and can be worn with almost any style. For the bohemian goddess, this option would be a great fit. Even if you’ve got a style that tends to be more grunge, there are still cardigans out there for you. And of course Fashionistos, there will always be a nice and simple cardigan out there for you.

How To: Finding a nice cardigan is easy. Although, finding the other pieces to pair with it can be a bit tricky. Try to coordinate the best you can with your layers underneath. For example, this Fashionista is wearing a solid, simple black tank underneath her blue and black Aztec-patterned cardigan. Try something similar to that to try and not take away from how chic your cardigan is.