February 15th, 2016 at 2:00am

At this point in the year, winter is usually bearing its head, and walking on a college campus can be cold and down right miserable. One of the worst problems about being a Fashionista, or Fashionisto is picking out an outfit that makes you feel amazing, but then having to cover it up with a coat or jacket for majority of the day, while you trudge around campus. What better way to fix this issue than to have the favorite part of your outfit be on the outside layer?

A coat can aid as the perfect clothing item for the winter. It will keep you warm, and still convey your style. This Fashionista has proved to be a perfect example for the season. The coat that she chose is doubling as fashion and function, which not all coats do. She paired her coat with a neutral and solid colored turtleneck and skirt, allowing her coat to be the center of attention. Adding to her look, a statement necklace complements the outfit and makes the neutral colors of her shirt pop, without taking the spotlight off the coat. Her boots and tights keep her warm and complete the fashionable look.

How To: To achieve a look like this, make sure you purchase a coat that screams YOUR name in style. Remember, if you like the bold baroque print coat that this Fashionista is wearing, then buy that. However, it’s about picking a coat that represents your fashion sense as well, whether it’s a bold print or even your favorite color! The key is, that whatever you choose should convey style and function, not solely function. Next, look for neutral pieces for your top and bottom, shoes and accessories, or dress if you choose. This, again, allows your coat to maintain its position as the center of attention in the ensemble. Pairing a statement necklace with the look can be the perfect way to bring out the neutral pieces of the outfit without taking the main focus from the coat. Now that you have this advice, go conquer the cold and rock your winter coat fellow Fashionistas and Fashionistos!