The white cloud of air that is emitted with every breath we take is a sure sign winter has finally come. The plummeting temperature leaves us beckoning to stay inside, all cozy and warm. As tempting as this may sound, we have to resist our urge to hibernate and brave the cold even if it is only for a cup of Starbucks to warm us. I’m sure we’ve all reached a point in the long, frigid winters where we question if it’s socially acceptable to leave our house in anything other than a blanket. As hard as it may be to not dress in a full on groutfit of your favorite hoodies and sweat pants, it is absolutely possible to dress warm while still looking trendy.

This Fashionista faced the low temperatures with a key winter essential: a long wool coat. A long coat not only keeps your legs warm, but it can be worn over almost any outfit. Long wool coats are the latest trend and can be seen on any model or reality celeb. For example, I cannot remember the last time I saw a Kardashian or Jenner wear a jacket other than a long coat. That goes to show it practically goes with pretty much everything! It has become a staple in any Fashionista’s closet. This Fashionista took a page out of Kim K.’s book and went for a beige colored coat. The neutral tone of this jacket is not only classic, but allows it to be paired with any color or print.

The Fashionista kept the rest of the outfit simple with a pair of trusty blue jeans and opted for a black turtleneck to protect her neck from the cold. If you’re rather short like I am, 5 feet short and proud, you might find the idea of a long coat daunting. You might be able to relate to having almost every pair of bottoms you own altered because you literally drown in them. Well, have no fear heeled over-the-knee boots are here! The Fashionista went for stunning black suede over the knee boots with a little heel to them. They keep her legs warm while giving her a little boost. Winter does not only bring cold air, but strong winds as well. A floppy hat tops the look off since we all know how windswept hair can sometimes take a turn for the worst. Yes you may think, “What about hat hair?!” Well, the winds will be as fierce as the hat makes you look. So, lets avoid the tragedy of looking like we were driving in a convertible with the top down at 80 mph. Now you have the perfect daytime look for the winter so toss those sweatpants aside and put on a pair of over-the-knee boots!

How To: Haven’t gotten your hands on a long coat yet? Now’s your chance to invest in a neutral colored one, such as beige or black, to ensure you can pair it with any outfit!