ALL IN THE DETAILS: Call Me on My ShellPhone

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Call Me on My ShellPhone

Technology is so important to our generation. It does not take much effort to see that we are addicted to our cell phones. Left and right people are snapping selfies or checking out their school emails. Personally, I am all for technology and the unique benefits it brings to mankind. But, walking around with an uncovered iPhone is a fashion fail. Yes, the iphone is beautiful and sleek, and maybe you even have the new rose gold one, but, one little misstep and your pricey technology will be shattered. A shattered screen may lead to a broken frontal lens (no selfies!) or the impossibility of texting (due to shards of glass over the letters). Modern day cell phones are too much of an investment to leave uncovered. That is why the fashion accessory I want to focus on is the iPhone case. No matter what your gender or age is, there is a phone case that will suit your needs. For myself, a bold and shell shaped case seemed to match my personality the most. While browsing around at the mall I noticed many stores carrying bold phone cases that ranged in designs and price.

A person does not have to break the bank to score an amazing cell phone case. Prices range from around 20 dollars all the way to some well known designer cases that cost around 60 dollars. Some cases have a sassy statement such as “Don’t Look at Me” or “Queen of Everything”. The most recent cases to be trending are the 3D iPhone cases that have been being released in stores all over. Huge silicone cases can make a phone appear to be an animal, a pair of lips, a banana or even a shell. In this case, a shell Phone. My fashion accessory pick this month is a bold phone case. Take some time to find the best phone case to suit your personality and unique taste. My favorite shell phone case by Valfre is my current pick.

This Fashionista is using her shell phone to snap selfies, text and take very important calls. Her outfit can be on the simpler side because she will always have her cell phone on her. From gym wear to formal wear, the cell phone case does not need to be changed. Matching a phone case to an outfit would infact be a fashion don’t. Just do not do it. Overall, finding the case that is right for you is important. Investing time and seeing all of the options for iPhone cases will really help a person to find the best case for themselves. An iPhone case may not seem like a big deal but, just think, every time you pull your phone out during the day, or set your phone on the dinner table or desk, people are seeing a glimpse of your style choices. Choose wisely and don’t be scared to go bold.

How To: Bigger is better in this “case.” You can find these silicon cases virtually everywhere. Nordstroms has a good selection of big phone cases and also Topshop. With this accessory, don’t worry about matching one’s outfit to the accessory because the idea is for the case to stand out. Pick one case and rock it with every outfit from casual to formal. Just like how this Fashionista is in the snowy weather with a shell phone. It is cute because it is an image one wouldn’t expect to see in this weather, drawing the eye.