January 28th, 2016 at 2:10am

Giorgio Armani once said, “To create something exceptional, your mindset must be relentlessly focused on the smallest detail.” Luckily that’s what this Fashionista did with her outfit, the subtle detail that this Fashionista wanted to make coordinate were the buckles on her booties, to match the buckle on the back of her leather jacket.

In Chicago the weather is always unpredictable, one day it can be sunny with a high of 55 and then the next day the windshield can be below 12 with a snow blizzard, you never know which one it is going to be!  It’s kind of hard to stay warm sometimes without looking like a big puffy marshmallow. This Fashionista decided to ditch her winter coat and wear something edgier and dressier, so she wore a moto jacket. The leather jacket didn’t make her look like Arthur wearing his dads green Mr. Puffy jacket (who remembers that episode of Arthur?). In fact the buckle detailing on the back of her jacket made her look more slimming. She paired off her leather jacket with black booties. The detailing on her booties were of course small black straps that went across her foot with a buckle. The small details in both her jacket and booties were what really pulled the outfit together.

Like I said in Chicago it can be hard sometimes to be fashionable and stay warm, especially in the winter. This Fashionista stayed warm in her booties and moto jacket. She also decided to wear a blanket scarf, that not only complete her outfit, but it made her outfit go from great to amazing! She looked at every small detail in her outfit to make sure it all coordinated together, when you pay as much attention to details like she did people will notice your outfit.

How To:  Never look past any small detail, whether it’s something like the small buckle detail or the leather material that this Fashionista paired together no detail is too small! You can also pair off a watch with a black leather strap and a gold buckle, or you can also wear a black belt. The buckle detailing can also be on the strap of your handbag it doesn’t have to be a big buckle it can always be something small. Remember details make an outfit go from good to great, and the amount you spend on the details that’s what makes a Fashionista!