ALL IN THE DETAILS: Black and Lace Make The Perfect Couple

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Black and Lace Make The Perfect Couple

One of my favorite spring/summer 2015 collections was Givenchy’s with its perfect combination of punk-rocker glamour and delicate lace looks. Think Romanesque gladiator dresses made of leather and trimmed with lace, stark black and white structured blazers and flowy skirts and laced-up blouses paired with sleek leather pants. You can view the perfect collection here. My favorite look of Givenchy’s is a white, sheer and lace blouse, black tuxedo shorts, and over-the-knee black leather, open-toed boots. By adding lace detailing, the designers at Givenchy kept the pieces from becoming too punk.

When I saw this Fashionista’s outfit, I was immediately reminded of Givenchy’s spring/summer show and I just had to ask her to be featured on CollegeFashionista. Not only does she utilize the lace trend, she also keeps her look minimalistic. She wears a dusty rose peasant blouse with lace detailing. I love how the lace is only featured on the shoulders, instead of extending across her back. This limited detail is not only sweet, it is sensible as well.

When you choose a minimalist approach for your outfit, it is important that you focus on accentuating one feature of your body. This Fashionista showcases her long legs with black leggings and a simple black heeled bootie. Her structured, woven black and beige bag with patent leather sidings is a fashionable substitute for a backpack. She keeps her accessories to a minimum, choosing only to wear delicate pearl earrings.

This Fashionista’s minimalistic outfit combines two unlikely trends—feminine lace and sleek black. Just like with Givenchy’s spring/summer 2015 collection, the lace detailing and soft fabric of her blouse bring a delicate balance to her otherwise sleek, structured look.

How To: Pair dark pieces with soft pastels. Try wearing a lace or floral-patterned kimono over a black dress, or pairing a lace dress with combat boots and thigh-high socks. If you’re feeling dangerous, you can wear leather pants with a lacey blouse! The more contrasting your separates are, the more interesting your outfit will be.