Accessories are crucial for every outfit. They can enhance a look or even take it into a completely different direction. Necklaces are important pieces that can subtlety shine against an outfit or stand out against it all. On this hot summer day, this Fashionista chose to let it all hang in a loud way.

A striking metal bib necklace rests upon her chest. Due to its size and intricate design, this piece stands out above all pieces, including the funky printed pants! The pants were rolled up to allow for easier movement and to give her legs some air during these scorching temperatures. To balance out the two bold pieces, a simple, dark green crop top was worn. By wearing a top that has no embellishments of its own, it allows the necklace to become the focal piece and keeps the outfit from becoming too busy. This Fashionista also wore small round earrings that reflect the style of the necklace but don’t distract from it. Chunky black sandals complement the exotic look with thick straps and big pieces of metal entwined in them. To add some edge, she chose to wear sunglasses that are a few shades lighter than her crop top. They go perfectly with the blue and teal highlights in her hair that complete the look. This Fashionista wore colors that are of the same cool color family but assembled them in a way that didn’t make them look washed out. Instead, she created an outfit that is bold and edgy.

How To: Dramatic bib necklaces are a hot summer accessory that can be worn to show a wilder side of you! Find a bib necklace that reflects your style and choose garments that complement it instead of the other way around!