Beanies are by far my favorite accessory, so you can imagine how excited I was when I saw this Fashionista’s outfit. Not only was she wearing a beanie, but she wore it in such a unique way, that I just had to capture it. What’s great about beanies is that they go with just about any outfit and they’re so easy to throw on when you’re on the go, especially if you’re having a bad hair day.

Another great thing about beanies is that they keep your head warm when it’s cold out. Although it’s a bit too warm to wear them year-round in Florida, they’re perfect for those two months of winter that we actually do have. Some people may think that they only look good with jeans or leggings, but skirts need some love, as well. I especially like how this Fashionista dressed up for this beanie look.

She also incorporated a couple of fashion pieces in her outfit that are trending lately. Starting with her top, she wore a burgundy long-sleeved mockneck crop top. Burgundy is the hot color this winter and mockneck tops are becoming quite popular. The cool thing about mocknecks is that it gives the illusion that you are wearing a turtleneck, but you’re not; it’s perfect for Florida.

The beanie she has on matches her top, as well. For bottoms, she wore a basic black skirt and tights, giving the outfit the perfect amount of femininity. As far as shoes go, she went with a pair of black wedge moccassin booties. These are definitely in style and I like how it gives this outfit an earthy vibe.

How To: Since beanies can be worn with just about anything, this “How To” is pretty laid back. As long as you’re not wearing something too fancy (like a prom dress), it’ll look cute. Just pop one on and you’re effortlessly cool!