ALL IN THE DETAILS: Basics Upgraded

There’s something totally grand about basics. There’s the basic white T-shirt, basic pair of black leggings or basic grey scarf. Each is easy to pair with one another as well as with statement pieces. Basics find their way into everyone’s closets and are the go to items that we pull during those busy, high-speed days. Well, what if I were to tell you that your basics can get a makeover? This Fashionista crushes the “on the run” look by simply upgrading her basics.

Instead of wearing a basic black or white T-shirt, this Fashionista decided to combine the look of the two items in a black and white striped shirt. She then traded in her basic black leggings for those with wicked cool mesh cutouts. As if her outfit didn’t look RAD enough, the Fashionista added a touch of gray to her attire through her knit beanie (check out its adorable pom-pom) and scarf. To be extra comfortable for her busy day ahead, this Fashionista snagged herself a pair of crisp white adidas. This slimming black coat is a great way to wrap up the outfit for the cold without the feeling of being “bulky” and the sunglasses add that pop of chic. The black cross-body bag is the perfect way for this Fashionista to zoom through her day completely hands free.

How To: Don’t be afraid to upgrade the basics. Grab a graphic T-shirt and throw on a pair of mesh leggings and sneakers for an edgy, comfortable look. Bundle up in your black bomber or peacoat, add a matching scarf and beanie, take that cross-body bag off your shoulder and you are ready for that busy winter day ahead of you.