ALL IN THE DETAILS: Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Well New York, it finally got cold out. Although the temperatures still aren’t as low as they usually are around this time of year, I’ve been feeling the chill. It’s hard to look cute while staying warm in the winter. By now, the shine of cold weather fashion has faded (I can’t wear lightweight jackets or cute tights), and it has dulled into a daily “I have nothing to wear” conundrum.

This Fashionista clearly knows that when it comes to winter fashion, it’s the little things that count—like a statement coat with a fur collar. The tweed pattern is perfect for winter weather; it isn’t bright, but it also isn’t a basic (boring) black. This coat is a little different, especially with the fur.

The fur may look cute, but it’s also functional. It keeps her warm, enabling her forego a scarf. The pockets are also big enough that she can put her hands in them to keep herself warm (pockets that can actually fit things in them, shocking, right?).

This adorable jacket does all the talking, so this Fashionista can pair it with basic black jeans and a ponytail while still looking polished. It’s the perfect look for going to class because you can stay warm and comfortable with minimal effort and time.

How To: Find a comfortable and fun coat that will keep you warm and make you feel great. My personal favorite is this coat from Nordstrom. I thought the burgundy was a fun option for the winter and the interwoven pinks and whites add a pop of color while still being neutral. Check out Topshop and ASOS for some other great and affordable options. Consider pairing a statement coat with minimal makeup, like this Fashionista did, for a daytime look. Apply a lightweight BB cream, some cream blush, liquid eyeliner and mascara for a five minute makeup look that will conceal minor skin imperfections while drawing attention to your eyes.

Stay warm Fashionistas and Fashionistos!