ALL IN THE DETAILS: Avant Garde Accessories

February 9th, 2016 at 2:10am

A chic winter outfit consists of a great coat, warm oversized scarf and cool boots. However, it is avant garde accessories that take a look to the next level. Avant garde accessories are pieces that are new, unusual and experimental in a good way. This Fashionista is enhancing her look with rad rings, bold bracelets, a unique necklace and John Lennon style oversized shades. The ensemble is full of warm colors, including an olive green coat, orange scarf and caramel colored knit sweater underneath.

The basics in this look are cozy and cute, but the accessories take it up a notch. The simple black jeans and combat boots allow the other pieces to shine. This Fashionista is mixing gold and silver jewelry in a tasteful way. The intricate silver rings and white silver dangly earrings compliment the silver textured bracelet on her wrist. Hints of gold are highlighted in the gold, cuffed bracelet, sunglasses and detailing on the watch. The caramel colored knit sweater has deep set pockets that add another interesting element to the look. Finally, the wooden sun-inspired necklace and simple beaded chain add more components of texture and depth to the ensemble.

Don’t simply stick to your typical, everyday accessories this winter. Mix it up with some fun, avant garde pieces to add some extra flair!

How To: Invest in a warm and stylish winter coat, a few oversized, cozy scarves and a great pair of black or brown boots. Once you have the basics, focus on accessorizing to stand out. Mix and match key pieces in various looks. Taking a hint from this Fashionista, it is okay to mix gold and silver and pieces of different textures.