ALL IN THE DETAILS: Androgyny Through Subtlety

Immersed in the cold dreariness that winter brings, Fashionistos and Fashionistas everywhere are faced with the difficult decision of finding functional winter wear while keeping things runway-ready. For some, adding new, dramatic staple pieces to their Guru repertoire might do the trick. Others put their trust in subtle detailing to spice up their winter wardrobe. It’s a tricky balancing act because we often find ourselves sacrificing style for warmth during wintertime because, well, it just isn’t worth the frostbite.

Luckily, utilizing the power of androgynous fashion might open the door for both male and female trend-followers to keep the frostbite off while keeping up with current trends. Androgynous fashion dances on that fine “fashion line” between genders—switching and swapping styles typically labeled “male” or “female.” When it comes to the winter months, androgynous fashion might be a new trend to explore because you’re opening yourself up to a whole new world of fashion, and the possibilities are close to endless.

Essentially, androgynous dressing is all about finding subtle ways to show gender neutrality in your style. Popular retailers like Acne, Kenneth Cole and H&M have begun featuring looks easily labeled both “masculine” and “feminine.” On the men’s side, we’re seeing more and more elongated T-shirts (easily mistakable for a women’s T-shirt dress), leather boots and plunging necklines. For women, we’ve begun seeing more relaxed-fit pants, blazers and flatter shoes.

This Fashionista chose to bring a modern, feminine flare to a typically masculine garb: the business suit. In terms of cut, she chose a more tapered blazer to accentuate her curves—thus adding some femininity into the often bland look—and a looser fitting trouser. By adding a sheer, chiffon blouse, we still get the look of a men’s button-down with a bit more functionality and comfort for day-to-day wear.

The key here is this Fashionista’s use of accessorizing to keep this look from appearing solely masculine because with this, it really is “all in the details.” Both this chunky, teal bib necklace and matching teal Converse sneakers bring some color to the outfit—which not-so-unintentionally goes well with her vibrant, red hair. Plus, this Fashionista utilized just the right amount of finger and wrist candy to liven up this potentially dull business look. She also chose to roll the sleeves of her blazer to show off the detailed stitching on the inside of the jacket.

Although this business suit look is a traditionally masculine outfit, it can be turned more feminine with these fine details, opening up a new range of potential outfits and pairings for this Fashionista every season!

How To: Look for cuts of clothing that defy traditional gender standards when shopping. Men can look for longer shirts and tighter pants of unusual materials and prints, while women can dress up traditionally masculine, loose-fitting looks with accessories—much like this Fashionista did! For the ladies, utilizing chunky, bold and bright jewelry can easily add that necessary burst of color.