ALL IN THE DETAILS: All Hail The Headband

True style does not come from what is most fashionable or what trend pieces are currently “in”, but comes from how someone presents himself or herself to the world. In this case I could not help but stop this lovely Fashionista on the University of Colorado Boulder campus who showcased a unique, yet notably stylish outfit.

One memorable component of her outfit is her diamond, rhinestone headband because it is rare to see in campus street style outfits. One preconceived notion of headbands is that they were a thing of the past, inspired by Blair Waldorf and Blair Waldorf wannabes in high school. However, headbands are chic, disparate and a fresh, original way to tie together an outfit and really make it pop. Thus, all hail and all embrace the headband, which is inevitably on its way to making a comeback.

What is also so cool about her fashion-forward headband choice is that it perfectly matches her white scarf and Nike shoes. Headbands are such a necessary addition because they have so much use, like matching to accessories, jazzing up an outfit or merely using it to fix a bad hair day.

This Fashionista also accessorized with oversized tortoiseshell sunglasses to block the glare of the snow. In addition, she wore a beautiful white scarf, which blended nicely with the contrasting black attire and upgraded her overall look.

Her attire combined with her great accessories really made her stand out from the crowd. Also, what is so commendable about her outfit is how she blends black with white, elegance with casual and delicates with athleticism.

How To: This voguish look can easily be copied by pairing a black jacket and leggings with a white blouse or scarf. To blend the contrasting elements she so astutely pulled off, add a necklace, fancy earrings or a glittery headband to an outfit. What really makes this Fashionista’s outfit is her boldness and courage to make a fashion statement by wearing a headband. Her not-so-basic outfit combined with her confidence goes above and beyond what is expected for the second day back at school, and is an inspiration for all to admire and take note.