ALL IN THE DETAILS: Accessorize Your Palette

Although you might love your mint green fur coat or your brightly colored Harem pants, not every piece in your closet can be a statement piece. All those statement pieces would make for a lot of tacky and garish outfits. Sometimes it’s nice to wear something simple like a gray knit dress with a cardigan. However, every Fashionista knows that you can’t just stop there, you clearly have to accessorize.

Starting with neutral colors gives you a clean palette to add accessories to. This Fashionista could have gone grunge or classy with her accessories but she decided to go for a more earthy look with silver and gemstones.

When accessorizing, it’s important to not go over the top. If you choose to wear a chunky statement necklace, don’t add rings on every finger and huge hoop earrings. This Fashionista focused mostly on ear candy. She lets her dangly sun and moon earrings do most of the talking, but complements them with blue posts and a rook piercing as well. Although up close it looks like there is a lot happening on her ears, her accessories are still subtle enough to allow her other pieces to shine through.

This Fashionista keeps her earthy tones strong as you move down to the neck and notice her pendant. At first glance it looks like it could be a geode but it’s actually a handmade ceramic crystal necklace. She keeps it simple with her rings which ties the whole ensemble together. She pairs her jewelry with a simple black bag and some worn in black boots.

How To: If you want to accessorize like this Fashionista, don’t forget to focus on a theme and try to stick to it. Start with a clean palette and build off of that!