ALL IN THE DETAILS: Accessories Make the World Go Round

Florida, the sunshine state, doesn’t usually see its fair share of chilly days, especially here at the University of Miami. But the odd occasion when pigs fly, South Florida temperatures drop into the 60’s and residents rejoice, breaking out leather jackets, boots and scarves galore to enjoy this rarity while it lasts (still dramatic for only 60 degrees but come on, let us live.)

This Fashionista accessorizes like an absolute pro, but she pays special attention to her silk scarf (designed by the Fashionista herself), accentuating her entire edgy-chic look. Layering is a must in the midst of colder times, and this Fashionista shows her stunning, grungy style by throwing a leather jacket over a silk kimono making for one killer and painfully stylish getup.

Looking like you walked straight out of a Marc Jacobs campaign like this Fashionista does is no easy feat, but this look is proof you can look effortlessly chic just by adding a few accessories. Details are truly everything. They can define the look and make or break what you’re trying to go for (there is such a thing as over-accessorizing, people). Coco Chanel once said, “Before leaving the house, a lady should always look in the mirror and remove one accessory.” Unless you’re Iris Apfel—the high-fashion queen of over-accessorizing—and she kills it, managing to make her ridiculous garbs look unbelievably chic. But you are not Iris Apfel. Just don’t.

Incorporate this perfectly accessorized look when indulging in dinner with girlfriends, while traveling or while walking into today’s lecture on your university campus.

How To: This Fashionista’s look can easily be used for inspiration by following the weather cues of this winter season. Colder days can be used as experimentation to try out different dimensions in terms of layering and accessorizing. An incomplete or plain outfit can always be topped off by tastefully adding accessories.