Got the winter style blues? With all of the cold, gloomy weather that mid-winter brings, it’s easy to be tempted to just stay inside and curl up in your coziest sweatpants, but a true Fashionista never slacks in the style department! The famous saying goes that everything old is new again, so the best way to freshen up your winter wardrobe is with some retro-chic vintage-inspired pieces for little pops of flair.

When drawing from decades past, the ’80s are a great place to start. The fashions were just as wild and distinct as the ’60s and ’70s, yet more refined and cutting edge with mod patterns and bold lines.

This base of this look is simply a plain black drop-crotch jumpsuit, but the fun is all in the accessories and extras.

This Fashionista takes ’80s staples like shoulder pads and geometric jewelry and puts her own sophisticated twist on them. Top it off with a fancy silk pocket square masquerading as a neckerchief.

The geometric look is seen again in her fun, beaded clutch. Play up the power and pizzazz even more like this Fashionista did with a shoulder pad chic jacket in a classic houndstooth print. Some argue that shoulder pads are outdated, but they give all who wear them a visual strength and sharpness that has no expiration date, and this Fashionista proves it by rocking this look with ease.

Finally, top it all off with a timeless out of cat eye sunglasses, which have been bold and glamorous even since long before the ’80s.

All of these pieces combine perfectly to make a funky and unique look that goes to show the old statement rings true: everything old really can be new again!

How To: To throw together a vintage inspired look of your own, spend a rainy day at your local thrift shop or little-known vintage enclave. These places are treasure troves of quirky pieces that come from the closets of those that just don’t have a use for them anymore. Give them a second life by snatching them up and rocking a look no one else will have. If all else fails, scour your mom or dad’s closet. You might be surprised at how cool their looks were back in the day.