ALL IN THE DETAILS: 50 Ways To Wear This Gray

Nobody’s perfect. Well, except for Ryan Reynolds…and his wife…and his child. Basically that whole clan is #winning. But, as devastating as this sad reality may be, for the rest of us peasants, perfection isn’t attainable. Yea, I know, boo hoo. Seriously, I totally sympathize. It’s hard to reconcile the harsh reality that it’s highly improbable that your future Mr. will be a Canadian superhero with the smooth moves capable of winning over Sandra Bullock’s heart (i.e. The Proposal). But, it’s about time to put this earth shattering realization behind you, build a little bridge, and strut your sassy self over it. I digress.

You see: there’s no such thing as human infallibility. That being said, we just have to buck up and work with what our mama gave us. One of my personal flaws is my, how do you say, “unartistic-ality—yes, I just made up this word. Sue me. Now, while my family and friends have maid me painfully aware of my creative ineptitude and extreme incapacity to execute even the simplest of DIY projects with an iota of success, I found one inventive task that’s foolproof—the fool being me.

What is this so-called idiot immune task, you may ask? Well, this week’s Fashionista is bundled up and ready with an example. With just a little vision and creativity, even this Style Guru can master the versatility of the blanket scarf; the best invention fashion has to offer. It’s basically the oh-so perfect form of rebellion to those rude human beings that disapprove of snuggie wearing in a public setting. With minimal effort (best for those days when you barely manage to live in the negative degrees), the blanket scarf can bestow your outfit with a total 180.

This trendy Fashionista’s all-black ensemble consists of Steve Madden booties, lululemon leggings and a Betsy Johnson coat. Her checkered white, gray and black lululemon blanket scarf adds that extra oomph needed for a dramatic outfit. And let us not overlook that fan-freaking-tastic bright red lip. It’s better than a little black dress. Ok, wait forget I ever wrote that…nothing’s better than an LBD. Nothing.

How To: The same way our main man Ryan Reynolds is a jack of trades (i.e. The Green Lantern, father, heartthrob, ect.), our BFF the blanket scarf has multiple personalities. For a dressier vibe simply drape it over your shoulders for a stylish poncho. Want a more laid back and chill look? Fold it into a rectangle, wrap around your neck, and pull down the sides. Feeling the need to channel your inner cowgirl and wrangle a horse or two? Crease into a triangle, tie the ends behind your neck and scrunch up the front until you reach total perfection. So do me a favor, stop by your nearest department store and buy the best design mankind to offer. I promise, your cold neck will thank you. Until next month…