ALL IN THE DETAILS: 50 Shades of Pink

Brace yourselves everyone, we’re about to get real. With Valentine’s behind us, it is time to tuck away the hot pink pumps and magenta sequins skirts. Everyone has that friend that seems to think it is Valentine’s day every day of the year. Before you start painting your entire body a bright pink, reconsider how badly you really want to do that to yourself. One of the easiest mistakes to make is to over-do your pink. Some people may say you can never wear enough pink, but trust me, you really can. Friends don’t let friends look like a human highlighter.

The trick to pulling off a whole lot of pink is by using key accessories and different hues to make it a complete look. In this outfit, different shades of pink are used to complement one another. Wearing pink in a main piece, such as a dress, gives you the overall pink look that you’re going for. Adding a few sparkles not only adds some fun details, but it allows you to add more pink without overdoing it. This Fashionista pairs a hot pink skater dress with a soft faux fur coat. This faux fur creates a feminine look, perfect for any day of the year. Using different shades of pink in accessories, like this Fashionista’s purse and jewelry, allows you to include pops of contrasting shades. This Fashionista’s funky purse is one of my all time favorite accessories for this time of the year. Betsey Johnson always designs such quirky purses that add a fun addition to your holiday outfit.

There is nothing wrong with unleashing your inner ballerina. It is important to mix up the shades, patterns and fabrics to transform yourself into a Fashionista. No matter what if it is Valentine’s day or not, make sure to take these tips and tricks to heart.

How To: Do you have an obsession with pink? Do you often get asked if you left a red sock in your wash? You’re probably overdoing your dosage of pink. Try adding different pinks to your outfits such as peach, ballerina pink or magenta and pair it with a cream or nude.