March 4th, 2015 at 2:00am

Accessorizing an outfit is an art form in the fashion world. We all know that the use of accessories is what makes or breaks an outfit. Accessorizing must work in harmony with the ensemble to create a specific well-rounded look. Whether you strive for classy or elegant, an accessory will always help you to achieve your desired look and add the details you want. But when do you know enough is enough? An accessory is meant to complement your look without overdoing it. But in this situation, this Fashionista took accessorizing to an all-new level and completely rocked it!

This Fashionista is an accessory goddess. Daring to be different, she joined several accessories in one outfit by wearing a gold necklace, several gold rings and a gold bangle. She used the color gold to make the outfit pop, especially up against an all-black outfit. The monochromatic outfit was the perfect backdrop for her jewelry explosion. Her accessorizing characterized the look by painting the Fashionista with personality. This look works well because each one of her accessories complements a different part of the outfit. By spreading out her jewelry choices, it made the accessories easy on the eyes.

Jewelry is a fun way to dress up a plain outfit! You can find a statement necklace, ear candy or even a statement ring to tie together your look.

How To: Can’t decide what piece of jewelry to wear? Don’t be afraid to mix them together! Make your outfit pop with decorating yourself in jewelry. You can never go wrong with a jewelry-focused outfit as long as the pieces remain complementary to each other and do not clash with the outfit.