7 Ways To Wear Winter Layers You Probably Haven't Thought Of

During the winter, it is ill advised to leave the house in anything less than three layers. And as the inches of snow add up, so do the number of garments in your OOTD. As fun as it is to wear the entire contents of your closet all at one time, it isn’t so much i. flattering, ii. comfortable and iii. practical.

Proper layering is possible with a little bit of thought, creativity and fewer pieces than your probably thought. Check you these seven ways we suggest you layer this winter to stay warm without the extra bulk!

1—Play the long game. While it may seem like wearing oversized sweaters or sweatshirts may add more fabric when compared to their regular-sized counterparts, don’t dismiss these styles simply because of that. The extra coverage means that one piece is pulling double duty (aka you can actually wear less while staying extra warm). (Photo via @riaxla)

2—Channel your inner-superhero. Capes are a great way to add a layer (and style) to any look. Bonus: when people ask what your superhero power would be, you can say, “Being fashionable by staying warm. Duh.” (Photo via @hhaleybbrandt)

3—Don’t underestimate your summer wardrobe. Remember that sleeveless turtleneck you wore 24/7 in September? Well it can also be your “base layer/neck warmer/no one will know there aren’t sleeves” piece you wear now! (Photo via @imavisguo)

4—Get waisted. We love cocoon coats as much as the next person. (Plus, the thought of being in our own personal cocoon in the middle of winter does sound like heaven.) But boxy coats are beyond unflattering. Don’t let your hard work in the gym go unnoticed (or hidden behind bulky fabric). A wrap coat allows you to stay warm and show off your waist at the same time. (Photo via @sadiadina.j)

5—Know your scarf proportions. When it comes to scarves, there is fine balance between “this might as well be a necklace” and “am I wearing an actual blanket?” Find that scarf sweet spot to stay warm while not getting physically buried under yards of fabric. (Photo via @valerie.kady)

6—Be utilitarian. Fact: you have to wear boots during the winter. So why not use this to your benefit? Over-the-knee boots are stylish, provide a lot of coverage, and won’t have you totally wiping out on your way to class. Win. Win. Win. (Photo via @happilykatrina)

7—Throw out the rulebook. You know how you have been told to take your thinest layer and wear it under your thicker ones? Doesn’t topping off your look with a bulky piece just make you look, well, bulky? Try flipping the order—wearing your tightest layer on top—for a surprisingly warm and flattering look. (Photo via @theelspethblog)