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There’s nothing worse than getting caught out in the rain while you’re on campus. Sitting through a class totally soaked is not only uncomfortable but also not very attractive. If you’re like me and just want to curl back up in bed when you see rain through your window, there’s a few staples you can throw on to ensure optimal comfort and handsomeness.

This Fashionisto has it right-durable jeans, layers for warmth and a hoodie to protect the ‘do when caught in a downpour. The jeans will be better than a thinner material for keeping out the rain while still keeping it casual. The oxblood V-neck continues the casual theme while being a trendy color, though any plain V-neck would do. Over this, he layers a clean plaid shirt to add some interest to the outfit. A plain hoodie on top looks effortless, yet practical. Throw on your favorite pair of sneakers and you’re ready to go dance in the rain! Or maybe just grumble your way to class as fast as humanly possible…

To turn this outfit into something more appropriate for the ladies, make the jeans skinny and garnish with your favorite long necklaces. Make a statement with a cute umbrella such as this, which is easy to carry in your bag when you’re not using it. If your hair likes to get frizzy when any moisture is near, try throwing a beanie like this one on to hide the fly-aways.

One Simple Change: Swap out the jeans for khakis and this outfit is transformed into something appropriate a casual date.


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