WHAT TO WEAR: Parent’s Weekend

What to Wear

The weekend is finally here! You can put your books down for a day or two because you are going home. Spending–very much needed–quality time with your parents is in order. I have some ideas that will help you not stress about what to wear with them.

This Fashionista was a perfect example of how a relaxed and home-for-the-weekend student should look. Let’s start discovering her ensemble with her fabulous pair of high-waist shorts. I personally love this trend because it can bring style to simplicity. The black and white shorts that she chose looked perfect for any situation.

Even though it was a very simple look, the color of her blouse gave that fresh vibe of spring. Her top’s texture was fitting for the spring heat that is upon us, as well. She definitely made the right decision to not accessorize too much. The colors and style that this Fashionista chose to sport could not go together with too many accessories.

You won’t need too much make-up, since you’ll only indulge in casual activities that don’t require it. However, if you do decide to put make-up on, you may want to use the lightest shades as possible.

You probably will pack light, too, since you are not staying long with your parents. Therefore, an item that you should always remember to bring is a pair of ballet flats. Flats are useful for almost every occasion and they don’t occupy much space in your bags.

One Simple Change: This outfit can work for almost anywhere, but if you want to add a bit more class, substitute the shorts for a pair of trousers. After this change, your outfit will be ready for either a meeting with a professor or your internship.


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