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As sorority formal season comes about, guys should start their search for 1) a date to the formal amd 2) an original bow tie. Louis Vuitton menswear line rocked the runway with tons of bow ties. Bow ties are perfect for formals because they will make you stand out from the sea of black ties.

This Fashionisto’s bow tie was found in an original boutique off of the Belmont stop in Chicago. If you live in Chicago or if you’re ever around, hop on the red line and explore off of the Belmont and Fullerton stores. If you like vintage, then you will love this area! Dig through the boxes and race through the endless rocks, you will find treasures, I promise. The bow tie had hints of gold and black making it versatile with different dress shirt colors. Pairing this lightly patterned shirt with black pants is simple and classic.

I believe Express has the most amazing dress pants for guys. My love for men in dress pants is similar to female baseball fans ogling at their favorite players in uniform. Inappropriate? No, I’m just honest.

Dance the night away at formal, boys. Your girls will appreciate it.

One Simple Change: To make this outfit perfect for a fancy date night, just lose the bow tie. The dress shirt and dress pants duo is so attractive on muscular guys. On the slimmer side, swap the bow tie with a dress jacket to add some width to your shoulders while keeping your outfit classic. This Fashionisto’s Steve Madden shoes complete the look and makes the outfit totally versatile.


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