WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

What to Wear

I’ve never wanted one particular piece of clothing so much after watching Casablanca for the first time. If you’ve seen this classic 1942 drama, you can most likely relate to wanting the signature trench coat worn by Rick Blaine in the final airport scene (and you can probably also relate to crying your eyes out at Rick and Ilsa’s separation). If you’ve never seen the movie, the fashion is simply fantastic. It’s no secret that the trench coat is one of the most classic pieces of clothing you can own — especially during the cold winter weather.

This Fashionista is embracing her trench coat in all it’s modern, stylish glory. On this fairly odd, cold Floridian morning (we don’t have many of these), she chose to approach the weather a little differently than most students. In a sea of UGGs and hoodies, she stood out with her crisp blue button-down shirt, ruffled skirt and lace-up boots. Her key to staying warm is layering with a disguised thermal tee and leggings. As I talked to her more, she explained to me her personal goal of not wearing the usual “cold weather outfit” many people know as jeans and a sweatshirt and I couldn’t be happier that she went with this look!

The colors are refreshing and it’s simplistic, clean lines offer a well put-together outfit that you can wear almost anywhere. Simply start off with a thermal long sleeve T-shirt and thermal leggings to get you all covered up. Layer your look with a crisp, yet comfortable button-down, a ruffled skirt for texture and a structured trench coat to stay toasty and fashionable. Don’t forget to cover your feet with simple girly boots like hers too! Nothing is worse than having a warm outfit and cold toes — am I right?

ONE SIMPLE CHANGE: Still feeling cold? Button up your trench coat for the appearance of a dress and add a cozy scarf. Take more inspiration from Casablanca and wear it like Ilsa, over the head and dramatically stylish. Grab your hot chocolate and you’ll be ready for cold weather in a unique way.


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