STYLE GURU BIO: Michelle Dufflocq

Style Guru Bio

All of my life I have been extremely shy and introverted. I am very quiet around  people I don’t know very well and unlike most people my age, I have always preferred to spend my time with my family or a few close friends rather than go to parties. As a little girl, I didn’t start speaking in school until after about three years, and even then I stuck to basic words like yes and no. Expressing myself through speech has always been rather challenging for me, which is why I took to the arts, throwing myself into anything that would allow me to be creative.

It wasn’t until junior year of high school that I transferred my creativity into my wardrobe. Before then I had always loved fashion but I never felt confident enough to wear anything other than jeans and a T-shirt. However, once I had this new found confidence I fell head-over-heels in love with fashion. The idea that I could say something about myself through my style without uttering a single word was, and continues to be, absolutely amazing to me. It was through my love affair with fashion that I finally found my voice.

My personal style is always changing, depending on what mood I’m in when I’m getting ready for the day, but when it comes down to it, I am a girly-girl at heart. I am in love with Peter Pan collarsskater skirts and anything girly or vintage. Although my style is very feminine, I love combining it with fun or edgy pieces. Comfort for me is a huge deal as well—a lot of the time all I need is an oversized sweater, leggings, a beanie and I’m good to go.

This year is my first year at the University of Montana. Although I am still uncertain about what I want to major in, I know that my biggest dream is to have a career in fashion—I plan to continue pursuing that dream. This year I joined the team of my University’s first fashion blog, Trendsetters at the U, which has been an amazing way to be involved with my school, work with fashion and connect with other Fashionistas. I also created a YouTube channel with my sister, where we upload various fashion and beauty videos. Our YouTube channel has been a wonderful platform to share our style with the world.

Being accepted onto the CollegeFashionista team as the only Style Guru from the University of Montana is an honor. It is an amazing opportunity to continue working with fashion and I am extremely excited to share my STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK with you throughout this spring semester.


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