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With the end of the semester quickly approaching, there is no doubt that sweatpants and leggings will be part of every college’s landscape. Sadly, there are only so many leggings-to-sweater combos you can do before you run out of stylish lazy day apparel. However, sometimes we forget that a dress is probably the easiest piece to wear. A dress is cute, comfortable and instantly makes you look put together after a long night of studying. This week’s Fashionista sports an effortless yet bold look, with a colorful printed dress perfect for dashing to your next final.

This Fashionista’s bright and bold dress is perfect because it does not need much accessorizing, saving time but not compromising style. She pairs her adorable dress with a simple silver necklace, and a tribal printed cross-body purse for even more of a statement. This Fashionista finishes her look off with blue, braided sandals that match her dress perfectly. Sandals are very stylish, but they are also comfortable and easy to throw on as you run out the door.

Tired of wearing your leggings and T-shirts to the library day after day? If the weather allows it, try a dress next time! A printed skater dress or a floral sundress are great alternatives for the next time you hit the books. It may seem like dresses require more effort, however, they actually require less. Dresses with bold and bright colors and prints will make a statement on their own. That way you can spend less time accessorizing in the morning and more time finishing last night’s reading assignment. The great thing is that a dress is one piece, you just need to toss on some sandals, grab your backpack and you’re good to go!

Dresses don’t always equal a fancy occasion. In fact, they are actually lazy-wear in disguise. Make a statement with a bright dress at your next study session—I’m sure you won’t miss your leggings one bit.


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