What Is CollegeFashionista?

CollegeFashionista.com is a fashion website for those who are passionate about the latest college fashion styles and trends happening on campuses around the world.  The concept – give college students a medium through which they can experience the latest college trends and where their cunning eye for fashion, photography, and self-expression can be showcased.

CollegeFashionista allows students and other young adults to view photographs of what their peers are wearing at college campuses around the world and gain valuable insight and tips on how to incorporate these looks into their own college fashion wardrobes.

The website features columns written by hundreds of people, with a spectrum of fashion views, all attending universities across the world. These are our “Style Gurus.” Each day follows a different format and topic on which the Gurus will be writing:

  •  Monday is STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK where readers learn a new tip to incorporate into their wardrobe to start off the week with style.
  •  Tuesday is STYLE GURU STYLE which focuses on our fashionable Style Gurus and how they translate the latest runway shows into their personal style.
  •  Wednesday is AROUND TOWN, an interview with an up-and-coming fashion designers, local boutique, photographer, artist or all around trendsetter on campus.
  •  Thursday is WHAT TO WEAR, where key college activities provide inspiration on what to wear to these events.
  •  Friday is ALL IN THE DETAILS, highlighting the must-have accessories, beauty trends, patterns or color for any Fashionista/o.
  •  Friday also features FASHION FROM ABROAD which showcases the fashion adventures of students studying abroad.

Just because you attend one university, it doesn’t mean you are limited to the trends popping up on just your campus.  Explore CollegeFashionista, the authoritative source for all CollegeFashionistas.  And don’t forget to…Style On.

Amy Levin

Founder and Creative Director



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