STYLE GURU STYLE: Basic Essentials

STYLE GURU STYLE: Basic Essentials

The ever-changing fashion world is a funny thing. What you see in magazines and stores today is not always what you’re going to see in them tomorrow. That being said, a trend I have loved seeing make its way back into style is the romper look. While I have never been interested in one-piece garments like overalls or onesies that were popular in the ’90s, recently I have become infatuated with their simple and sleek design.

Taking inspiration from Calvin Klein’s fall 1998 ready-to-wear collection, I tried my hand at a modern day version of his iconic pantsuit by modeling a long sleeve romper. With so many different styles and looks, rompers easily complement every body type. The elastic strip along the waste line gathers excess material, creating a slimming appearance. This allows the top and bottom pieces of the romper to fit much looser, giving it a timeless look. The v-neck cut is just an added bonus.

Pairing my long sleeved romper with a pair of brown J. Crew criss cross strap sandals created the perfect look for any day or night outing. With a shoe as versatile as these, I felt comfortable wearing the two together without any clashing styles. Even with the countless pairs of shoes I own, I would choose these over the others any day.

While I decided to wear this tribal print romper for a casual night out on the town, rompers can easily be dressed up or down by the accessories you wear with them. The neutral colors allowed for me to pair my outfit with other browns and blacks, which kept my appearance pretty simple—a look I like to stick to. Because of the long sleeves, there was no need for bracelets or watches, though, they could easily be added to match your own personal style.

To complete my outfit, I chose to carry my nude Michael Kors cross body bag, something I never leave home without. The long strap allows the bag to be worn several different ways, leaving your hands free when on the move. The neutral color and modest design goes with just about everything.

Rather than wearing a tank top and shorts everyday this summer, I decided to jump on the romper bandwagon and completely fell in love with this retro look. Whether you wear it short or long, patterned or plain, rompers will always find their way back into the fashion world, keeping it classic with a modern twist.