STYLE GURU BIO: Julia Shelton

STYLE GURU BIO: Julia Shelton

I always find it hard to introduce myself and list off things that interest me because truth be told…there are so many different things that I am inspired by!

That’s why I find fluidity in fashion. It allows me to pursue many different styles and genres. The aesthetic of clothes gives so much way into a persons demeanour and personality, which is why I find great pleasure in being able to control it completely. I’m girly, bubbly, at times soft-spoken, and at times loud and giggly. This is why I take to items that are pastel coloured or black, and I can’t help but stop to look at a statement shoe–this is where the loud and giggly traits lie.

In the midst of meshing my personality with my clothes, I study at the University of Toronto. I look after both a dog and a cat, and I also spend lots of time keeping up with Who What Wear, My Domaine, and with my favourite blogger/vloggers that represent all my life goals–literally. I also just finished reading two books on a beach in the Dominican that I would recommend to every fashion girl–The Woman I Wanted To Be by Diane Von Furstenberg and The Career Code by Who What Wear creators Hillary Kerr and Katherine Power. I look up to women like these authors, and I believe there is a lot to take away from them!

I chose to go with an outfit that is a variation of what you will typically catch me in four out of seven days of the week. A leather jacket is my go-to if I want to add flare to a simple denim and white blouse combo. To make a minimalistic outfit stand out, I opt for a striking shoe, often in colour or design to break apart the monochrome, predictable elements of the rest of the outfit. (The items linked are not the exact one’s from my outfit, just similar pieces that will give you the same type of look!)

I am especially happy about this internship because not only is it in conjunction with Who What Wear, but also because it means I’ll get to take photos of some of the most stylish students at the U of T Mississauga campus–and let me tell you, this campus is a gold mine of exquisitely dressed undergrads.

Can’t wait to share more stuff with you all!


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