Seriously though, who keeps flickering the winter on, winter off switch? For the past few weeks, it was warm enough to wear a light jacket. When I recently arrived on campus, I stepped into a tundra. If I removed my hands for a quick second from my parka’s pockets, they turned purple and numb in a matter of seconds. Today, it’s fairly sunny out, a gift from the weather and fashion Gods. Students are sporting anything from a denim jacket to a parka (whichever jacket keeps them the warmest after these brutal days of basically living in Antarctica).

One might ask, “How do I prepare for this winter as it is entirely unpredictable?” This Fashionista answers one’s question without words. With her short snow boots, light parka, gray hooded sweater, Ray-Ban aviators, black leggings, beanie and simple necklace, our Fashionista has nailed an outfit perfect for a day that is somewhat warm and is somehow chilly as well. Note that a warm winter day is slightly cooler than a fall day, so a jacket is definitely a necessity. Her beanie features a puff (also referred to as a pom-pom ball), which is one of this season’s must-have accessories. The puff can be spotted attached to a handbag, keys, a beanie or a hat. Also, the inside of her parka includes an edgy, splatter-paint design. This unique jacket brings her outfit together, tying colors like gray, beige, tan, brown and black together seamlessly. Also, her backpack pieces the look together, too, as it features both a black and light brown color.

For those warmer winter days, throw off the parka and rock the hooded sweater and aviators. If it is a chilly winter day, zip-up the parka and rock the beanie. For those days in-between, this outfit hits the warm and fashionable mark. 

As Michael Kors once said, “Clothes are like a good meal, a good movie, great pieces of music.” So, I conclude that dressing up for winter is as good as Netflix and chilling. If that doesn’t motivate you to stay stylish in the snow, then I don’t know what can.

One Simple Change: About to walk to class and the forecast says it’s about to get warmer? Throw on a pair of black ripped jeans, ditch the parka and throw on a motorcycle jacket. You won’t regret it as you won’t be sweating rolling to class, and you will be looking winter-chic and fabulous.