WHAT TO WEAR: Spring Sophistication

WHAT TO WEAR: Spring Sophistication

With the brightening days and blooming flowers comes the end of another school year for university students across the country. For this Fashionista, spring not only means the beginning of another warm Toronto summer, but also the end of her undergraduate degree. Springing forward into adulthood is daunting even for the most prepared, so this Fashionista made sure to mix together some sophistication with comforting childhood classics, seen in the playful Instagram-worthy balloon doorway and her leather campus-ready backpack.

To prepare yourself for impending interviews, be it for grad school or entering the workforce, be sure to get yourself a professional staple: the business casual black dress. The white collar against her black dress, tights, and leather booties gives this Fashionista a chic Wednesday Addams vibe, while the denim jacket works to lighten the look into something less gothic and more playful. Her leather backpack has enough room to carry the books and notes she needs to study on campus while still capable of being worn as a trendy bag if she’s on her way to a meeting.

Allow your personal style to flourish and shine through while emerging into yourself as someone whose identity no longer revolves around spending your days in libraries and lecture halls. Translating your personality into your wardrobe is key for the world of interviews, where first impressions mean everything. A black dress is an unbelievably versatile addition to your arsenal, as it gives you the ability to dress it down with a denim jacket, as this Fashionista does, or dress it up with a pair of strappy heels. If you want to depart from the campus-friendly look she is sporting, simply switch out the backpack for a purse.

Preparing yourself for adulthood is never easy, and leaving behind the familiar campus and friendly faces is formidable at best. While renovating your wardrobe into something more business casual can seem like an impossible task at first, just remember that you do not have to sacrifice the style you have spend the past four years building up. Your favorite campus staples can easily be thrown into the mix with a bit of ingenuity and personality. While venturing into this new world may seem frightening at first, retaining the nostalgic bits of campus style will give you the boost you need to get through.